U.B.A.K.A. History by the President Founder

Last update:
"My name is Thierry Mac Douglas, and I'm the founding president of U.B.A.K.A. "Urban Bulldogs Against Kids Abuse", a parent association set up in 2011 whose mission is to fight child abuse.
It is a non-profit association of bikers. Committed to the principle of children's fundamental rights, it exists to provide: help, comfort, safety and support to children who have been sexually, physically and psychologically abused.
In the years following its creation, chapters (affiliated association) were set up in France and a number of other countries, after their respective presidents signed the U.B.A.K.A. charter, which, among other things, authorised them to use the original name and logo, still in use today dating from 2011."

"Here's how it all began....One evening, watching the news on TV, I heard the story of this child who had been mistreated and sexually abused by her stepfather with total impunity. I was deeply moved to see this little girl's life shattered forever, and I said to myself: we can't let this happen! We can't stand by and do nothing about this demon that is paedophilia ! Yes, but how ? ... Eureka !
Our motorbike club, the URBANS BULLDOGS. The very next day we had a meeting scheduled, and I explained the project to my brothers around the table. I was looking forward to it. The big night had arrived, I could hear the noise of the engines and recognised the voice of our security officer, Franck, accompanied by Phil and Pat.
Everyone took their places around the table and after dealing with the agenda, I began to explain to my brothers what I had seen the day before, my feelings, my pain and my desire to 'do something'. After half an hour of talking without any of them interrupting me, I looked at them and could see that they had been touched to the core by this sordid story. Pat, the vice-prez, had misty eyes, and big Phil, despite his rugby-player build and tattoos, said nothing... As for Franck, he had already made up his mind, you could see it in his eyes. It was time to vote, as this vote was crucial for the future of our association, but we didn't know it yet...
Who is in favour of URBAN BULLDOGS being dedicated to the fight against paedophilia and child abuse of all kinds? In perfect unison and without a moment's hesitation, all hands went up. URBAN BULLDOGS AGAINST KIDS ABUSE was born ...

The members of UBAKA in 2023 are company bosses, accountants, fathers and mothers, we're not vigilantes and despite our tattoos and sometimes our tough look, we don't solve our problems with our fists, but rather we try to give back confidence to child victims of sexual abuse by supporting them in their everyday lives.
The aim of our organisation is to empower children, to help them to be less afraid so that they can regain their childhood lives, so that they are confident enough to be able to disclose what has happened to them. URBAN BULLDOGS AGAINST KIDS ABUSE is represented in many countries.

Children are our future and we will never stop fighting against this scourge... That's what URBAN BULLDOGS AGAINST KIDS ABUSE is all about."

A man is never so great on his knees as to help a child. ( Pythagoras)